Dog toys your pooch (and you) will LOVE

Dog toys your pooch (and you) will LOVE
Posted by David Bray

Having a dog in London is great – there are tonnes of parks and no shortage of dog walkers to help with your duties if you work all day. But how do you keep the little pooch happy at home? We’ve found some new toys, including an environmentally friendly option, you’ll love just as much as they do.

Emoji mayhem
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Trust us – your beloved Benji will go nuts for these squeaking emoji faces, which come with all the expressions you love to send on your smartphone. Be warned – the squeak is intense, but they bounce like a normal ball outside meaning hours of fun chasing them around.

‘Hear’ doggy heaven and

This company has pioneered a new way for dogs to enjoy playing with their favourite fluffy toys – without the squeak. Because any dog owner will tell you that the cuteness wears off after about two minutes. These toys have an innovative cushion inside that makes a soft sound and expels a short burst of air that dogs love. The best bit? You can barely hear a thing. It’s the way forward!

Eco options

Hard to believe that a dog toy can be environmentally friendly, but this company seems to have made it possible. Cycle Dog is based in America but search online or on and you can order their products here in the UK. Its goal is to create the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Hand sewn products are proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon.  Since 2009, Cycle Dog has reclaimed hundreds of thousands of discarded inner tube rubber targeted for landfills.


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