A few ways to do something charitable this summer

A few ways to do something charitable this summer
Posted by Josh Rafter

There’s never a right or wrong time to do things for a worthy cause or to help people in need. But in the summer it just gets much easier to get out and about doing good and spreading kindness (something we know all about at Outlet).

There is a bunch of different ways to donate time or money to charities in need of help this season. They include sponsored runs around the capital, giving what you can to donation stations or food banks, and even volunteering. So if you’d like to spend a little of your free time this summer giving back, here’s a guide to just a few of the cool things you can do.

Run the Virgin British 10k
Love running or looking for an incentive to get into shape? This 10k route takes you through the stunning sights and landmarks of London, including The Strand and Big Ben at Westminster. With cheering crowds along the way and a supportive, happy vibe, this is a good intro to charity runs if you want to do your bit and raise money for a good cause.

Fundraise or volunteer for AKT
We’ve supported the Albert Kennedy Trust for a few years at Outlet. The not-for-profit organisation finds safe homes for young LGBT people in need of emergency accomodation. Many of the 16 to 25 year olds they help have been made homeless as a result of their sexuality or conflicts at home.

Climb to the top with London’s Air Ambulance Helipad abseil
Want to conquer your fear of heights or take in some amazing views of London? The Air Ambulance Helipad abseil is one of the most unique and exciting fundraising events you can do anywhere in the world. Learn how to abseil in a safe environment with trained professionals and generate some cash for this life-saving organisation at the same time.

Cycle the Prudential London to Surrey bike ride
The Surrey countryside offers a haven for Londoners who would like to escape the heat and city air this summer. Prudential’s London to Surrey bike ride is organised in association with the London Air Ambulance. And it’s a great way to socialise with other cyclists - and escape to the country!

Get tough and muddy with Tough Mudder
Not for everyone admittedly, this is one tough assault course in which participants get very, very dirty. If you can handle the mud, water and (in some cases) electric shocks - you’ll have a satisfying, social session which is (apparently) rather invigorating. We’ll take their word for it but if you’re up for such an activity, get your Tough Mudder t-shirt and get muddy!


Outlet operates with a culture of kindness. And we do all we can to give back to others and raise awareness for good causes. We do tonnes for charity and our planet, including planting trees, recycling our rubbish at home and in the office, and we also raise much needed cash whenever possible. We hope you have fun fundraising this summer. 

If you know a young person who could be living in crisis or is being harmed, the Albert Kennedy Trust could help them. Click on the link here to find out more. 


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