4 things you can replace to reduce the plastic you throw out

4 things you can replace to reduce the plastic you throw out
Posted by Josh Rafter

Plastic provides us with convenience in the form of packaging and is a material that’s used to make some of our favourite household items. Many of us couldn’t live without our Kindle, the boxes we pack our lunch in each day or the hair dryer we use to beautify every morning. And if you add kids into the mix, life simply wouldn’t be the same without those famous little building blocks we all grew up with.

But… plastic is a problem. Tonnes and tonnes each year is ending up in landfill or – even worse – in our oceans. If you believe this slightly scary Huffington Post article, we’ve only recycled 10% of the 91 BILLION TONNES of plastic we’ve accumulated on the planet. So something needs to be done and each one of us can do our bit to help reduce of recycle the plastic in our lives.

Have a look around your home for some of these items, which could easily be replaced for alternatives. Even if it’s a small step, it could help save our amazing planet from being swamped by plastic.

Juice bottles
Much of our orange juice is sold in plastic bottles by the supermarkets and we often don’t think twice about grabbing one from the shelf. But there are equally as many card carton versions or glass bottles which you can choose as an alternative. Next time you're in a hurry at the supermarket and grab the first juice you can find, take a breather and contemplate the effect your purchasing choices will have on the environment. It might seem like a tiny, insignificant contribution, but every little helps.  

If you have children (or lots of fabulous summer parties) you’ll probably keep a stash of straws in your cupboards somewhere. But these seemingly insignificant pieces of plastic add up to create junk that makes its way into the sea. Their bright colours can even be attractive to birds, fish and other wildlife, but they pose a serious risk to the environment. There are some stylish metal alternatives on the market. They look pretty smart and they're dishwasher safe! 

Toothbrushes and disposable razors
Ever considered how many toothbrushes or razors you and your family chuck out each year? Just because they’re thrown away less often doesn’t lessen the impact they have on the environment. Consider an electric or wooden toothbrush, both of which will last as long as or longer than your plastic versions. And they’re much kinder on the environment.

Spice jars
If you like to cook and keep herbs like dried basil or spices like ground ginger in your cupboards, you don’t have to buy the pre-packaged plastic jars each time. Try investing in glass spice jars, and then purchase the refill cartons from your supermarket instead of disposing of the plastic unnecessarily.


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