Want to know the true key to being happy?

Want to know the true key to being happy?
Posted by Josh Rafter

Apparently, there are things in life that make us happy other than money! In a study carried out by the London School of Economics, 200,000 people were asked what factors had an impact on their health, happiness and general wellbeing. Mental health and being in a relationship with someone came out on top.

Those interviewed had to give their responses on a scale of one to 10, telling the scientists what number they would attribute to certain factors. Those included things like job satisfaction, pay rises, fitness or anxiety.

One of the astonishing stats to come from the report was that on average, doubling someone’s pay only increased happiness by less than 0.2.

Having a partner, however, increased the joy in people’s life by 0.6, meaning this has a much stronger impact on the general happiness of those surveyed.

Another highlight from the survey saw happiness decrease as a result of mental health, which lead the clever people from the School of Economics to believe good mental health is a contributing factor to a more positive, happy life.

The results of the research pose an interesting question – is health over wealth more important to us for a more joy-filled time on the planet? Feel free to share this article and see what people think. 


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