Ways to decorate – without losing your deposit

Ways to decorate – without losing your deposit
Posted by James Hood

It’s never easy making your rented home your own if you have to worry about what your landlord’s going to say about your love of hot pink. But there are ways you can put a personal stamp on the place without changing too much (and without a hefty re-decoration bill at the end of your tenancy). Here’s how.

Paint problem solved
It’s a big misconception that you can’t paint your rented property. Obviously, it’s important to say that there will be flats or houses where landlords strictly prohibit painting walls a different colour. However, we find that it never hurts to ask your property agent or your landlord if they mind. If you choose an inoffensive colour and are prepared to either pay for the work or do a pretty good job yourself, you might find they say you can go ahead.

Tile tattoos
Do you detest your dark green bathroom tiles? Or is your kitchen still covered in 70s brown ceramic squares? Suffer no more with these terrific little inventions called tile tattoos. They are little vinyl stickers that are completely removable and will transform your room! Take a look.

If you’re stuck with wall to wall carpets that you can’t do anything about, we recommend a rug. You can buy some really tasteful little numbers at really affordable prices and they will instantly change the style and colour scheme of your room. The best bit is you can take them with you when you leave.

Lighting shades are overlooked so often in rented apartments and houses and we think it’s a crime against design. Make an impact instantly by choosing a daring or bold shade for your lamp or hanging light bulbs.Why not even base the rest of your interior design around the colour you go for? We like the giant red ones at Habitat – they’re in the sale!

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