Want to cool down? 3 unbelievably funky fans

Want to cool down? 3 unbelievably funky fans
Posted by James Hood

It’s gettin’ hot in here. So take off… no, on second thoughts don’t do that. Unless you’re alone. Or in Miami. Anyway, we don't know about you but we’re rather warm as the good old British summer has finally arrived. So with the arrival of the sun, and the absence of any air conditioning, we’ve scoured the shops for some fans that not only keep your temperature down, but look pretty cool too.

Clas Ohlson table fan
I mean really… for £20 what have you got to lose? A few beads of sweat from your temples that’s what! This two-speed desk fan comes in fuchsia pink, green and blue.

Otto Bamboo fan
This little number is made of oiled wood and is a rather masculine option (mind you, compared to the pink one, anything is masculine). It has height adjustable feet and three speed settings – careful it doesn’t take off. Apparently it’s nice and quiet too.

Pod handheld fan
This £6 blue mini fan from M&S is perfect for going out and about. Think of the comfort (and jealous glares from fellow passengers) while on the Tube in the morning rush hour. It comes in a range of colours and has three blades, most only have two. Interesting fact there for you.

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