There's a fresh new kitchen colour in town

There's a fresh new kitchen colour in town
Posted by James Hood

Last year the revival of the Le Crueset classic casserole pot in burnt orange had everyone filling their kitchens with items in that colour. The year before people went mad for accessories and appliances in colour of the moment, lime green. Now, a new shade has taken the crown as a popular choice for product designers – mint green. So as a nod to the rather delightful and spring-like colour, here are three minty-fresh kitchen accessories. 

Trendy toaster
For years Dualit has created products that combine modern technology with a vintage look and feel. This toaster remains true to its commitment to substance as well as style, with four toast slots and a variety of settings all in the bang-on-trend shade of green. Get them at Amazon. 

Paisley perfection
These plates are a little pricey but they'll look impressive when mum comes to tea. Both trendy and a little retro, they look at home in any kitchen. Find them at

Bright Brita
Until recently, grey was the only colour you could have for your water filter from Brita. Thank goodness they've seen the light and given us lighter brighter options. After all, we've got colour schemes to consider! Buy one at

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