Our 5 favourite interior design Apps

Our 5 favourite interior design Apps
Posted by James Hood

Interior design has gone techno, with a number of mobile apps that allow you to scan and save images and ideas. Check these out before you start your next refurb. 

Our favourite for interiors inspiration. Houzz is free to download and has more than 120,000 images of gorgeously decorated rooms and properties to make you drool. You just swipe to the left for a new image and you can easily save pics you like to refer to later. It’s brilliant. And quite addictive.

Peppermint 2
This colour palette app lets you load and look at different colour combinations. You can also adjust the shades and it’s handy if you're planning themes for different rooms.

Phaidon Design Classics
Based on the book series of some of the world’s most impressive design feats, this app version is a selection of 1,000 design classics of the last 200 years. Not only an app for interior design, you will marvel at how ingenious (and indespensible) some of these products are today.

Color Capture
Carrying around paint and colour samples all day long? REALLY? Not anymore – with Color Capture (sorry about the American spelling) you can snap and store the colours you love and never lose them again. Well, try not to lose your phone, obviously. It lets you add notes and it’s free!

This app lets you take a photo of a room and use 3D furniture images so you can visualise what it will look like. It’s great for planning how to make the most of the space you have or to make sure you can fit all your stuff in. 

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