Decor We Love This Week

Decor We Love This Week
Posted by James Hood

This week we love... stripes! We’re giving a nod to the nautical with some of the coolest and affordable home products with a stripy style out right now. 

The stripy wallpaper from Harlequins’ Landscapes collection will make you feel like you’re right beside the seaside. The blue and white Plateau wallpaper looks great any time of year and the bold stripe will help add a striking feature to your wall. Find it at

For an elegant look that works for both the ladies and gents, take a look at the Linea Nautical Stripe lamp at House of Fraser. It comes with a lovely large drum shade and a cool clear glass base.

For a couple of quid you can enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea with a humbug-inspired mug from M&S. They’ve got all sorts of other colours too. Go to

The new range of interior goodies from clothing brand H&M has stripy stuff galore. From cushions to rugs it’s all in H&M’s trademark trendy yet affordable style. They’ve got some rather funky zebra print bedding too, for the adventurous.



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