5 ideas for outdoor entertaining

5 ideas for outdoor entertaining
Posted by James Hood

5 ideas for outdoor entertaining
You know what it’s like here in the UK. We spend the whole of spring getting flooded and then as soon as the sun comes out for a day or two there’s a mad dash to the shops for summer stuff. Well, we thought we’d help you plan ahead with a few items you can take to the garden or the park, when summer finally arrives.

Cushion it
Park your behind on one of these stripy H&M numbers instead of sitting on the ground. It’ll be much more comfortable if you’re planning on taking the day-time lounging into an evening huddled around a fire. Check them out. 

Table top idea
Ikea has some cloths that are ideal for the outdoors and they’re pretty affordable so you can buy one in each colour. Not just perfect for table’s either – you can lay them out on the lawn for a picnic anywhere you like. See them here.

Cool carrier
What’s a little summer soiree without a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc? Or a little pink lemonade if you’re the teetotal type. A funky carry case is perfect if you are walking to a party or the park. We like this one fromJohn Lewis.

Gorgeous glasses
Add some colour to your garden gathering with bright shades of hot pink or sunshine yellow. There are plenty of summery shades in the shops for things like plates, cutlery and even furniture. We like these boldglasses.

Hang around
For a fun conversation starter (or for anyone who’s had one too many), hang up a hammock. It can be a great way to offer a place to chill out in your garden. Plus they look super cool too. Tesco does a cheap one,here. 

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