4 questions to ask yourself before redoing your kitchen

4 questions to ask yourself before redoing your kitchen
Posted by James Hood

When you move into a new home or think about making improvements at your property, a kitchen re-fit is usually high on the list of tasks. It can help make your property more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell and it can also make your life easier if it’s designed correctly. But where do you start and what should you consider? Here are four essential questions before you get started.   

Do I need a full-blown refit or a refresh?
Knowing how far down the kitchen refurb route you need to go will help you decide everything from knocking down walls to cupboard colours. Consider how long you plan to live in the property. Are you likely to be moving to a bigger place soon, for example? It’s true that a modern or stylish kitchen can give your property the wow factor when selling, but equally you wouldn’t want to spend tens of thousands of pounds on the room refit if you were planning to move in a year.  

How much do I really want to spend?
Never start a kitchen refit without setting a budget. Look at what you earn, what the property is worth and what you really want your new kitchen to include. Then you can decide what you can spend. Bear in mind that a new kitchen doesn’t have to cost the earth and there are DIY options available.

What are my options?
Kitchen refits vary from cosmetic cupboard upgrades to full-blown Fulham Road-style bespoke designs and fittings. You can refresh your kitchen simply by stripping and re-painting the cupboards in a fresh new colour. Alternatively there are countless kitchen design companies out there who will consult with you on the process, review your current layout in detail and then advise what should be changed. There are options in between, too. For example, you can buy ‘off the shelf’ cupboards and appliances and do the fitting yourself.

What works, what doesn’t?
Kitchens are designed to be lived in. So before you change yours, ask yourself what do I use this kitchen for? If you spend your time in there as a family, you might want to incorporate a bench where your kids can draw. If you love to cook, there are gizmos and gadgets you can include like boiling water taps, wok burners and islands that will make your kitchen fit for a pro chef. Take a look at what currently works in your current kitchen. Do you like where the dishwasher is at the moment? Is the fridge in the right place? How much space is there for a table? Figuring out what works and what doesn’t before you start will help you design your perfect, most practical kitchen.  

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