Did you know? You’re probably doing your laundry all wrong

Did you know? You’re probably doing your laundry all wrong
Posted by Gary Cooper

Have you moved out of mum’s into a rented flat in London? Maybe your new flatmates aren’t willing to iron your Calvin Kleins? Well worry not, we’ve got some tips that will correct all your wrong doings when it comes to washing, drying and ironing your clothes.


You use far too much fabric softener
If you merrily pour gallons of softener into the machine thinking you’ll smell as fresh as a daisy when you put on your shirt, go easy next time. Despite the fact that in the TV advert the birds and bunnies come flocking to the actors thinking they are following the scent of a sprawling meadow, it’s not like that in real life. It actually takes a small amount of softener to make your clothes smell decent. Plus it can be more economical to just drop a splash in the machine.

You leave it in for too long
Our busy lives and longer working hours means more of us have a tendency to put the machine on before we leave for work. That can cause problems you're your colleagues convince you to go for a “quick” gin and tonic after a stressful day and you end up on someone’s sofa. Leaving laundry in too long is not good for your machine or your clothes. It can lead to a build up of bacteria that you’d rather not carry around with you all day. Our advice – take it out as soon as it’s done. Oh and by the way did you know it is a fire hazard to leave your machine on while you’re either out or asleep?

When was the last time you cleaned the machine?
Washing machines build up tonnes of bacteria over time due to the damp, dark corners. Sorry to alarm you, but they should really be cleaned monthly. Not only will they probably have a filter you should remove and clean, but they should be wiped clean on the inside. Pay close attention to the rubber seals on the doors, which can be a nice little home for all the dirt that doesn’t get washed away. And once in a while, run an empty cycle on a high temperature like 90 degrees to make sure all the germs are obliterated. You can buy little cleaning kits in the supermarket which come with proper instructions.

You’re mixing fabrics
You probably know the rules on mixing your whites with your darks (basically, don't). But did you know that mixing fabrics can actually do your clothes harm too. Putting towels in with your favourite T-shirt isn’t advisable as many of the fibres can come off on the T. Equally, try not to mix jeans with other, more delicate items.

You leave the dry clothes in a pile way too long
If you hate ironing at the best of times, don’t leave your cleaned and dried clothes in a heap somewhere waiting to be worn. Freshly washed stuff that has been hung or folded properly is so much easier to iron. Also, a tip for making your shirts or other smart items crease-free is to iron them when they have a hint of moisture from the wash.  

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