How to make your flat look more like Christian Grey’s penthouse

How to make your flat look more like Christian Grey’s penthouse
Posted by James Hood

Have you seen the trailer for that new movie no one’s heard of? It’s called '50 Shades of Grey' or something. Anyway, in the adverts on TV and all over the internet there’s this super suave chap (think he’s called Christian) who swans around this massive expanse of space with trendy industrial grey marble floors and big over-hanging lamp shades. No no, don’t be mistaken – it’s not a car park. It’s his penthouse! That’s right, about 50,000 square feet of rich.

We’d probably all be lying if we said we didn’t pine for some time in Christian Grey’s world. I mean apparently he flies his girlfriend around in a helicopter, buys her posh dresses, has rows of suits hanging in his wardrobe and the kind of sofa you really don’t want to drink red wine on.

But even if you don’t have an eight cylinder Audi or multi-million-dollar corporation, you can still get the penthouse and loft look in your own, slightly more modest, flat. Here’s how.

Less is more
If you’re going for the swanky, contemporary look, we recommend a minimalist approach. Think clear, clean surfaces that glisten like the sun. In the absence of your own live-in housekeeper, you’ll need to get the pledge and duster out yourself but never mind. Also, make sure you have somewhere to store the odd magazine, remote controls or anything else you want to hide. Then remove all dirty cups and plates etc. You’ll never see last night’s plate of spaghetti hoops in full view on Christian Grey’s coffee table.

Choose simple schemes for colour
A sophisticated, elegant penthouse or loft apartment isn’t usually a melting pot of different colours. After all, why let colour distract visitors from the vast amount of space between the sofa and the floor to ceiling windows? No, when living in a penthouse, colour options are kept to a minimum. Think greys, whites, creams, chrome and other simple hues. It will allow the actual home to really impress when you invite people round to show off. We’re also guessing it has something to do with the fact that you would probably need to avoid any distractions from thinking about your next big deal with Qatar.

Create the illusion of more space
You might not have enough space in your lounge for a bit of ballroom dancing like Mr Grey, but there are a few tricks you can try to make a small space look GIANT. Keep the same flooring across as much of your pad as possible. Now hang a couple of large mirrors – they add light and the reflection practically doubles the space the eye can see.

Don’t fear the obscure
When living in a penthouse apartment, one doesn’t just buy any old fruit bowl to display on the table. Make sure you use your surface space for odd or completely useless ceramic things that could possibly be art. Switch the yucca plant for an oversized vase or small sculpture. Try it in a vibrant colour like Orange. Habitat sells cool things like that.  

Penthouse people hang ART, darling
We’re not saying you need to make some calls to the Norwegian who bought the famous ‘scream’ painting in 2012 (that would set you back more than £74 mill).  However, some thought about what you put on your walls is a must. For the penthouse look, go for paintings rather than skylines (who needs a picture of a skyline when you’ve got a view of The Shard, right?) and stick to professional, slick, photography of people. You can use photos of you and your friends sparingly, but otherwise think cool shots of Kate Moss in very few clothes. We recommend Mario Testino prints, which you can purchase online.

Ditch the shag pile
This can be a tricky one if you rent your apartment, but hardwood or bare floors instantly give an apartment a more modern penthouse feel. A fluffy coloured carpet just doesn’t say ‘I’ve made it’ when you invite all your mates over for smoked salmon-y canapés and bubbly.


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