4 spring-time property fixes

4 spring-time property fixes
Posted by James Hood

Whether you’re a landlord, a homeowner or a tenant, there are certain jobs we all put off when it’s cold and miserable outside. After all, winter is a time to enjoy your home by getting cosy on the sofa, not filling it with paint fumes. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to open the shutters and windows and have a good spruce up. Here are some seasonal suggestions for a mini makeover on your property.

Perfect time to paint
A freshly painted property feels like a brand new start – so it’s perfect for spring. It’s a great way to have a change of scene, with a new colour scheme and can even change the brightness of the rooms. Plus, now you can actually open the windows and let all those paint fumes out. If you’re a tenant, don’t forget to check with your landlord or property agent beforehand. Why not check out our blog on painting like a pro? You'll find it here. 

Windows work
External property maintenance is vital, particularly if you’re a landlord. It can make a big difference when new tenants are viewing and could be a deal breaker if the property looks shabby outside. Sand down any wooden and painted windowsills and ledges both inside and out, then repaint in a fresh colour. Remember – any external work to a property is best done at this time of year. If it’s too cold or wet, painting without a professional to advise can be a nightmare.

Roofing renovation
In most cases, repairs to roofs will need to be done immediately, especially if you have a tenant living in the property. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a look up there or hire a professional to spot any issues that could arise in the future. Usually, repairs to roofs need to be handled when its dry, so bear that in mind now the sun is on the way.

Guttering the place
Throughout winter, your property’s guttering on the outside will take a bit of a hit. After months of rain, wind, leaves, moss and other bits shooting down them, things can get a bit clogged up. Take the opportunity to have them cleared out to avoid any blockages and get them ready next winter nice and early. 

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