Small touches for an instant bathroom upgrade

Small touches for an instant bathroom upgrade
Posted by James Hood

Whether you are renting a property in London or you're a home-owner, a complete bathroom overhaul can cost thousands. If you’re looking to make some improvements, make it more cosy or simply want a little facelift, here are some more modest items you can add in a flash without breaking the bank.

Go for glass
To create the impression of more space, a glass shower screen will really open up your bathroom. Some come with a subtle frosting or a pattern to make them a bit more interesting. Keep them gleaming and your bathroom will look a million bucks every time you have guests stay over.

A pop of colour
If you do want a shower curtain instead of a screen, use the opportunity to go for something that will match a colour scheme. A splash of yellow or fuchsia pink in the right place can make an otherwise sterile room sensational. Also – here’s a good tip for you... Raise the bar on your shower curtain a few inches. It will really make your bathroom appear higher and slightly more grand.

Put posh toiletries on show
If you don’t already have some, invest in a bottle or two of nice smelly stuff. Jo Malone does some really great hand washes and moisturisers that not only smell lush, they impress your guests too. Others include Tom Ford shower gel or face wash, Kiehl’s or Molton Brown.

Soften the lighting
We know you need plenty of light for shaving or applying your lip gloss before heading out. But that doesn't mean you always need to have the room lit up like Blackpool Illuminations. If your budget will stretch far enough, install a dimmer switch so you can lower the lighting when you’d rather take a relaxing bath that be blinded by halogen bulbs. Other options include adding a second light above or near your mirror and just using one at a time.

Fluffy towels
Who doesn’t love a thick fluffy towel after a shower? It’s especially sumptuous this time of year, when mornings are a little chillier. Choose bright white or from a wide range of colours available in most department stores or supermarkets. We recommend folding them to exactly the same size and displaying on a shelf.

Add something natural
Plants add a bit of life to a bathroom and if there’s enough light, they usually thrive in the warmer, damper conditions (although check the labels before you decide to put them in there). For a more luxe look, we suggest an orchid, but be warned they do like living in warmer, lighter spots so it helps if you have a window.

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