Landlords – four things that make your rental look dated

Landlords – four things that make your rental look dated
Posted by Ralph Jacobowitz

It’s understandable really that when you don’t live in a property for long periods of time, you stop worrying too much about how it looks. But if you’re a landlord, your tenants are customers, so doing as much as you can to attract the good ones is important. Here are a few things you might have overlooked that make people viewing the place gasp in horror. Don’t fret though, the good news is they’re not too expensive to change.

Old wooden kitchen cupboards
We love wood in the home, but there are certain types of kitchen cupboards that just scream 1970s! In particular look out for the cream fronts with oak or pine framing or rather ornate carvings. Have a flick through the Ikea book or website and you can easily find an affordable, less shocking alternative.

Coloured walls
Walls that add a splash of colour definitely have their place in a modern home. Feature walls and cool colours like teal and dark grey can really add a touch of class to a room. However, when your entire lounge is painted avocado green, you could send prospective tenants running for the nearest Homebase. For the purpose of renting your property, stick to neutrals. It helps people envisage their life there, with their own furniture and pictures, rather than focusing on the fuchsia ceiling.

Replace letters and words with photos
According to interior designer Erin Gates, who is the author of Elements of Style, those large letters that spell out words like ‘EAT’ in your kitchen are out of favour. Instead, picture frames are very much in. So if you’re letting a property furnished, hang a collection of black frames on a white wall for the more modern approach to wall décor.

The divan bed
When you consider how affordable bed frames are these days from a wide range of stores – including Outlet’s very own furniture range with David Phillips – there is no excuse for divan beds. Not only do they make a place look rather old fashioned, they can also make your bedrooms look smaller. A nice bedframe with space for storage underneath can make a big difference to someone looking for a room to rent in London, where space is at a premium.


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