5 ways to stay warmer at home this winter without cranking up the heating

5 ways to stay warmer at home this winter without cranking up the heating
Posted by James Hood

This time of year, many of us turn the heating up full blast morning, noon and night in an attempt to stay warm and cosy indoors. That is not only having a damaging effect on your bank account, but also on the environment. Here are a few simple ways we can all warm up and still keep our carbon emissions down. 

Hot water bottles are back
Popular with your mum or grandma this traditional method of heating yourself, your feet or your bed has been around for decades. Now, they’re making a comeback, with tonnes of gorgeous designs, patterns and fabrics on the market. We love these personalised ones at notonthehighstreet.com

Keep your blinds and curtains closed
Unless you have advanced, decent, energy efficient windows, even the slightest draft can bring down the temperature in your flat or house. Curtains provide the best protection against the chill outside and keeping them closed for most of the time will mean the place stays warmer longer, so there’s less need for the heating. Try keeping them closed if you’re out at work all day and you’ll be able to resists a blast of heating when you get home in the evening. 

Cover hardwood floors
If you have hardwood floors your home will naturally be cooler than if you have a cosy carpet. You can rectify this with a stylish rug. There are loads of affordable and trend-driven styles at places like Ikea, Zara Home and H&M Home, unless you’re looking for something a little more expensive in which case you’ll find some stunning options at Habitat, West Elm and John Lewis.

Beef up your bedding
Winter can be a great opportunity to rethink your bedroom style and how your bed looks. Grab an interiors magazine or flick through a catalogue for The White Company and you’ll see tonnes of beds with lovely blankets, wool throws, a thick duvet and a dozen different pillows! Add layers, textures and blankets to your bedding for a cool look and a warm night.

Go a duvet size up
If you share a bed with your partner, husband or wife, duvet hogging will probably be familiar to you. Increase the size of your duvet so that it covers more ground on the bed. Plus the more you have on each side the less likely it is to let in cold air or drafts. For example, if you have a double bed, switch to a king sized duvet etc.  

Seal up your windows
There are a few different ways you can seal up your windows to keep the cold out. Some people have been known to use cling film in an attempt to keep things cosy. But there are also other ways of getting help in this department at your local homewares store. Checking the seals are in good working order is one of the first things you should do. And if you are in a rented property, you might want to see if there’s anything your landlord can do to keep them more tightly closed. After all, that means they will be doing their bit to help the planet, too.

Get some cute and cosy clothing
You might be familiar with hearing your dad shout at you to put a jumper on every time you tried to put the heating up at home when you were younger, in an attempt to save money. Well, sorry to say to say this but he has a point. If you’re at home and want to help save cash and the environment, next time you’re feeling the winter chill, consider a cosy knitted jumper or a pair of funky socks before you head for the thermostat. You can get really cool winter socks for next to nothing at Gap. And Uniqlo does a cashmere range from around £70.


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