Top yoga hot spots in and around Soho

Top yoga hot spots in and around Soho

It seems these days that everyone is trying to get fit and healthy. A quick look at social media will have you inundated with updates from friends' latest ventures around Hyde Park with a running app or session in their gym with a personal trainer. However, running and hitting the gym isn't for everyone, and for those who want the chance to give themselves improved mental and physical health, one practice has become more and more popular in recent times. 

Yoga in its many different forms promises to use stretching, posing and breathing exercises to improve strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing, and has become one of the trendiest ways to work out in recent years. Finding the right studio for you can be tricky, though, especially as more and more pop up across the city. So how do you know the best place to practice yoga? We look at a few of the best places to workout in Soho

Tri Yoga

Starting life in London almost 15 years ago, Tri Yoga is one of the best places to practice in the whole of the capital. With a beautiful studio in Soho, Tri Yoga has classes that will suit people of all abilities, shapes and sizes, making yoga more accessible than it has ever been before. 

And with a number of different types of yoga from simply yoga to anusara, yin and vinyasa, all that will be left to do will be to pick out the class that best suits your own. Whether recovering from injury, trying to get fit and healthy or looking to bounce back after giving birth, there will be classes and experts that give you everything you need. 

And it's not all just yoga. You can also partake in other classes such as pilates and barre - a relatively new practice that brings bending exercises together with ballet for a unique work out. On top of this, you also have the Retreat Cafe at Tri Yoga, where the owners claim health never tasted so good. Menu options are geared towards the healthy side and finding the best foods to complement your workout "without a whiff of rabbit food". It's a wonderful place to kick back after a yoga session and just chill out with a fantastic meal.

Find it at: Kingly Court, Carnaby Street.

Sohot Bikram Yoga

Seen by many as an alternative and very different way to practice yoga, bikram is a way for you to get out of your comfort zone and try something a little more intense. Who knows, you may well come to love it. 

Bikram typically lasts 90 minutes per session and sees practitioners undertake 26 different poses and breathing exercises. Where it gets a little different is that the activity takes place in a special studio heated to 40C with a humidity of 40 per cent, which is believed to aid strength and flexibility, even after practicing for only a short time. In addition, you can burn up to 800 calories in one 90-minute class.

Sohot Bikram's Soho studio is a modern phenomenon in the capital, giving you the chance to practice bikram regardless of your previous experience. The studio is a friendly and welcoming environment with a number of highly trained instructors, geared towards making sure you can work wonders for your physical and mental health. 

The studio also has a great area for simply chilling out and relaxing before or after class.

Find it at: Threeways House, Bolsover Street.


Situated in Central London and Covent Garden, Yotopia offers a more specialised approach to yoga than other studios, focusing on a narrower range of practices to make sure you get the very best in instruction at all times. One of its two studios has its classes centred around traditional and ashtanga types of yoga, while the other heated one takes more of a lead from the new trend in bikram, with a heated setting giving you the ideal place to practice. 

With its Central London base, you can also make a trip to the studio most days on a lunch break from work, with classes conveniently run throughout the day to make sure the studio caters to everyone. 

The studios themselves are celebrated for their modern and welcoming aura that caters to everyone. Staff are friendly and informative as well, making sure that anyone who comes to visit will have the chance to get their teeth into something truly worthwhile and beneficial. 

Find it at: 13 Mercer Street.

Mikey Hall Yoga

Not strictly in Soho but a favourite among the Outlet family is Mikey Hall’s Yoga. Mikey holds classes in Marylebone on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings as well as private classes for both experienced students and beginners. He says: “To inspire, I impart lots of energy and focus on correct alignment. Sometimes I use props. These bring awareness to areas of the body that are often neglected, and help support vulnerable areas such as the neck or lower back. They can also enhance the experience, making poses more challenging. Above all, I bring awareness to your practice”.

Find him at the Marylebone Dance Studio and get more information at

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