Spoil your dog rotten in London

Spoil your dog rotten in London

There’s no harm in taking our pets out for a bit of pampering every once in a while and luckily, London is perfect for it. There are plenty of pet spas, dog-friendly cafes and places to treat your doggy with the attention they deserve.

A happy pooch is a well-preened, well-fed pooch, after all. Here are a few of the best places in the city to treat your furry friend this summer.

Purple Bone

Do you want to give your dog a Glam makeover? A rhetorical question, of course. Purple Bone is the perfect place to style your dog in the most modern of trends.

From a quick shampoo to a bit of doggy dental hygiene, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this pooch parlour.

They have even perfected a sanitary cut known as the “dogzillian” as well as the “pawdicure”. Yes, really.

Open seven days a week, Purple Bone offers a consultation along with its service; for those times when you just don’t know how to style your dog.

Pet Pavilion

With four stores to choose from in Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill and Wimbledon, you are never too far from a Pet Pavilion in the city - well, if you live in west London anyway.

Everything a dog would ever want or, more to the point, that you would want for your dog (dogs are generally pretty happy with a puddle of mud to jump in and a squirrel to chase) can be found here, whether it’s a new kind of organic dog food or a stylish new blanket.

The chain also has an entire section dedicated to grooming products, so your pooch need never smell again. Don’t know what a luxury shredder is yet? Get down to Pet Pavilion and treat your dog to the makeover it deserves.


Unfortunately, Harrods has long closed its legendary pet shop. The Pet Kingdom was once the perfect spot to pamper the pooch, where purchases could include anything from diamond-studded dog collars to a an alligator.

Although this level of animal-themed affluence no longer exists within the gilded halls of Harrods, you can still treat your beloved pet to something special. Perhaps a shiny silver doggy bowl? Or even a sleek leather collar?

Off the leash in Regent’s Park

After all that pampering, your dog will be dying to blow off some steam so head central and let them off the leash in Regent’s Park.

With over 410 acres to explore and play in, your dog will have plenty of fun with the other pooches in the park. Although dogs cannot go in the Avenue Gardens, English Gardens, Queen Mary's Gardens, Wildlife Gardens, St. John's Lodge Gardens, or the Boating Lake, there is still plenty of green space left to exercise.

Dogs must only be leashed by the edge of the Heather Gardens and the Boating Lake.

Hungry Hounds Bakery

What better way to end a day of pampering than with an artisan dog treat for your canine companion? The Hungry Hounds Bakery specialise in everything from iced dog cookies to bespoke dog birthday cakes, with everything being made from the healthiest human grade products available.

Although you can’t call in and pick up one of these delicious treats, you can have it delivered to your door fresh out of the oven!

The Black Dog Bakery

Similar to the above, this bakery offers special healthy dog treats for your pooch at a great price. Based in south and west London, you can also get local delivery. Liver Fudge, anyone?

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