London's coolest coffee hangouts chosen by our team

London's coolest coffee hangouts chosen by our team
Posted by James Hood

With the London Coffee Festival taking place at the moment, we got to talking about great places around the city where we love to get a cuppa Joe, mug of tea or just catch up with mates. Here are the Outlet staff members’ favourite coffee hangouts – and they just happen to all be small independent businesses. Why not try them all? Probably best to stagger it over a few days though – hyper caffeine rush isn’t a good look.


Javier, Sales Manager
Favourite coffee hangout: Nude Espresso, Brick Lane and Soho Square
What Javier says:

“One of the recent newcomers to the London coffee scene is 'Nude Expresso'. Nude is a coffee micro-roastery that focuses on the best quality raw materials and craftsmanship in the process of preparation. Everything is handmade to the best quality, and even the aprons of the waiters are bespoke and made in New Zealand. A fantastic place for those obsessed with the highest quality coffee imaginable. And a very lively place especially on weekends, when Spitalfields market is in full motion.”


Anita, Property Co-ordinator
Favourite coffee hangout: Muriel’s Kitchen, Old Compton Street, Soho
What Anita says:

“It's extremely cosy, has a relaxed informal setting so you almost feel as if you are in your own kitchen and the coffee is excellent. The morning is a particularly good time (or late afternoon) as you can often get a great seat (they have lovely comfy living room type chairs) and feel very relaxed. You feel as if you really have had a coffee ‘break’.”


Russell, Executive Home Finder
Favourite coffee hangout: Maison Bertaux, Soho
What Russell says:

“I like to pop into Soho’s oldest French patisserie especially if I'm with a friend who's new to the area. Customers will doubtless meet the fabulous Michelle, who's been working there since she was 14 years of age. She talks at a frenetic pace, is very kind - she lent me a baking dish when I didn't have one to hand and was panicking - and she knows everyone who is anyone. The food is excellent, especially the pastries, and very fresh, all cooked on the premises; the place is pretty cramped and the service often chaotic, but to me this just adds to the charm of the place. A real gem and deserving of its iconic status.”


Michelle, Sales Co-ordinator
Favourite coffee hangout: Hand Made Food, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath
What Michelle says:

“My favourite coffee shop! Great food (very healthy) and amazing cakes to combat the healthy foods and tea/coffee. It’s right in the heart of Blackheath Village, South East London, which makes for a lovely day out and this cafe is really great!”


Fernando, Property Co-ordinator
Favourite coffee hangout: HEJ Coffee, Bermondsey Square, East London
What Fernando says:

“Hej Coffee is a Swedish coffee shop. The coffee is very good and the pastries are everything. Banana peanut butter bread, yum, yum!”


Gary, Branch Manager, Soho
Favourite coffee hangout: Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar - 3 Lowndes Court, W1F
What the Evening Standard said:

“For somewhere to rest after shopping on Carnaby Street, the downstairs brew bar is your best bet. It offers coffee from all over but the filter coffee is commendable.”


Ralph, Property Administrator
Favourite coffee shop: Algerian Coffee Stores, Soho
What Ralph says:

“I haven't found a perfect coffee place. However I can recommend the Algerian Coffee Stores on Old Compton Street for beans to take home. Grind them to make a REALLY strong pot of coffee. Only wimps drink just one cup.”


David, Home Finder and Short Lets
Favourite Coffee Shop: Notes, Covent Garden
What Timeout says:

“Notes opened its London branch in 2012, but in 2013 it also took the major step of doing its own roasting in King's Cross. The result, as judged by a single-farm Yirgacheffe brewed using the slow-drip V60 pour-over filter, is a major success. The room is singularly attractive, big and light with well-spaced seating at both small and refectory-type tables. It’s very busy in mid-afternoon on a weekday, with a clientele ranging from suits in meetings to friends hanging out."


Thinking of moving closer to better coffee shops? Maybe you want somewhere busier or are looking for a new flat, tenant or housemate. A good starting point is our area guides, particularly Soho, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, which also feature lots more local recommendations And for even more friendly advice, just pop into our Soho office and have a chat over a cup of coffee (maybe not quite as good as the ones above, but we do our best!).

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