London drag act ‘frockumentary’ coming to cinemas

London drag act ‘frockumentary’ coming to cinemas
Posted by Josh Rafter

You probably already know that we do things a little differently here at Outlet. That’s why we love it when we find another fun and creative organisation like ours that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Our friends over at Pecadillo Pictures have made a film based on the alternative East End drag scene – and it’s about to hit cinema screens!

The movie, called Dressed Like a Girl, is an account of six years in the lives of the city’s most celebrated performers, starring Jonny Woo, John Sizzle, Holestar, Scottee, Amber, Pia and Ma Butcher

There will be surprises and outrage as the talented bunch entertains audiences both on stage and behind the scenes.

There is enough eye make-up and sequins on display to sink a battleship, but at the heart of this surprisingly intimate portrait is the dark side of their lives. The relentless quest for glamorous originality often comes at a personal cost.

The film is both a record of a fascinating style of hyper-costumed performance and an insight into the fragile personal lives of these artists. This is truly the ‘frockumentary’ of the year.

Dressed like a girl will be showing at Vue cinemas around the UK from 4 October and released on DVD on 7 December.

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