How to get across London with your dog

How to get across London with your dog
Posted by Ralph Jacobowitz

Whether it's tube, bus, train or taxi, sooner or later you're going to need to travel with your dog. For the most part it's straightforward, but there are some guidelines to bear in mind.

Airlines and other international travel - easier than it was, but still no picnic. your best starting point is the pet travel scheme. Different airlines have different regulations, and the same applies to the various airports. It's best to check well in advance on the websites of the relevant airlines and airports.

Taxis - with regular London black cabs and minicab firms it's up to the driver or firm, although by law they must take assistance dogs. There are quite a few minicab companies which specialise in taking pets – just do a quick online search.

Underground and overground – dogs are allowed on the tube and overground trains, but must be on the lead, and are not allowed on seats. They must also be carried on the escalators (one reason why Great Danes aren’t one of our recommended dog breeds for London) although in quiet periods staff will sometimes stop an escalator for owners of large dogs. And with any dog, rather than trying to squeeze through the regular exits, you can ask a member of staff to open the wider entrance and exit gates.

Buses - the same rules apply on London buses as with the tube. If a dog is not under control, the driver has the right to refuse access. Dogs must also not block the passageway.

So overall, provided your dog is well-behaved and under control, you should have no problem with public transport. Happy travelling!


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