Hidden gems: The best secret dining spots in London

Hidden gems: The best secret dining spots in London

For residents in London, one of the best aspects of living in the capital is the fact that there are so many fantastic restaurants around. No matter the sort of cuisine or budget you're considering, there will be something for everyone in London.

However, despite the sheer number of restaurants around, the bustling city streets and the number of visitors that come to the capital mean that it can be hard to even get a table in some of the more popular eateries, and even those you can get into will often be very busy.

So where can you go in the capital to get away from the crowds? We have a look at some of the best hidden gems and underrated restaurants in London. 

Cafe Chula, Camden

Mexican food is probably some of the most underrated of all cuisines in the capital at the moment. While French, Italian and even Japanese food has really become well known here, Mexican dishes are still relatively new to the scene. 

The good news is that this means most of the restaurants around are still trying to prove themselves and really go all out to make a name. This is never more than true than at Cafe Chula, located right in the heart of Camden Town. 

This place is basically unheard of in the capital, but it really does deserve more recognition. Some of its highlights include the best tacos you'll find around, as well as unique cocktails dreamed up by the owners and friendly service in a light and airy surrounding, all of which makes it really worth trying out. 

Le Mercury, Islington 

The best news about Le Mercury is the fact that it is home to some of the very best prices you will find anywhere in the capital. While most of us are used to paying a premium for leaving here, there still exists these little hidden gems where we can grab a bargain that makes us think "have we left London?"

Because of the fact it's not well known, you can pretty much walk up and get a table at Le Mercury at any time, lunch or dinner, and the fast service makes it a great place to head to on your break from work, safe in the knowledge you'll be back in the office with plenty of time to spare.

With candles everywhere and a clean cut interior design, this is a pleasant little place to dine, and the starters from £4.45 and and mains from just under £10, it really is somewhere that has to be visited by all Londoners. 

Market, Camden

Despite its Michelin Bib Gourmand, Market remains quite a hidden gem in the capital's restaurant scene, but it really does deserve a visit, even if for nothing more than to try the crusty pies which have become a real signature of the eatery. 

Dimly lit and with exposed brick walls, Market is a trendy spot that really looks the part. The ethos of the restaurant centres around simple things done well, which runs through everything from the service and menu to the food itself, which relies on British classics and home cooked delights. 

It is not a place that seems to be shooting for the stars, but does everywhere need to be? Sometimes establishments like Market just find their groove and slot perfectly in place. 

Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

Among the smallest places you'll find to eat in London, Honey & Co plays on its own diminuitive stature to really push home the charming, family-run atmosphere than it oozes. Run by a husband and wife team, this Middle Eastern restaurant will not be at the top of any food guides, but that doesn't make it any less worth a visit. 

Itamar Srulovich and his wife are both former head chefs at top restaurants themselves, which adds to the quality of this wonderful little eatery. Reviewers will frequently tell you that this is a restaurant by people who love food, for people who love food. 

The food is an unpretentious journey around the Middle East, with a comforting sort of home-cooked aura around it. When this is coupled with the quaint interior, it really does make for the perfect place to visit on a cold winter's night. 

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