Hidden gems: The best hidden shopping spots in London

Hidden gems: The best hidden shopping spots in London

Whether you live in London or just come to visit, one of the most popular activities in the capital, without a doubt, is shopping. With some of the best department stores, boutiques and streets to be found anywhere in the world, whether you're on the lookout for fashion, gifts or food and drink, there's always something for everyone.

However, with 26 million people visiting the capital every year, and most of these likely to want to head out shopping at some point, the more famous and popular places can come crowded and frustrating. Savvy Londoners will want to know where they can go to not only get away from the crowds, but to find some real hidden treats among all the top high street brands in the city.

So where can you find some real hidden gems? We have a look at a few of the best secret spots London has to offer shoppers. 

Golborne Road

Amazingly quiet considering how close it is to the world famous Portobello Road, Golborne Road is a great starting place for those seeking out fashionable treats alongside something a little different. 

Compared to most of the popular places the city has to offer, Golborne Road is somewhat rough around the edges in its aesthetic - probably one of the main reasons it has managed to avoid becoming overrun with tourists and shoppers. 

However, in spite of it being quieter, there is still plenty to see. One of the stores you simply must see is Rellik. If vintage fashion is your forte, you'll be hard pushed to find anywhere else in the capital with such a range of threads on offer. Browse items from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Alaïa, Comme des Garçons and Christian Dior.

Other highlights on the street include Phoenix and 88 Antiques, which bother offer furniture and vintage homewares, some of which dates back as far as the 19th century. Rummaging through the gems on offer can be an adventure all on its own!

Camden Passage

Fashionistas are always looking for somewhere new to shop - after all, it's important to make sure that you're always on the lookout for something exciting and eye-catching. Especially if its something you won't be able to find on the high street. 

Camden Passage is the dream for these kinds of shoppers, and the narrow street is lined with boutique after boutique that will keep you occupied for hour after hour perusing the many classic items on offer. 

One of the best shops in the whole of London can be found here - Annie's Vintage - stocking a wide range of costumes and textiles, but you'll need to splash out if something here really catches your eye. 

For something a little less expensive, try heading towards Fat Faced Cat. Despite its rather unique name, this is a store where you'll be able to spend hours going through an eclectic range of items from the 80s yuppie suits to 1950s tea dresses that will really take you back. Set aside a good couple of hours, because this place is a real joy to behold. 

Bellenden Road 

Perhaps even more hidden than the others we've mentioned, Bellenden Road in Peckham is an unassuming street that is just packed to the brim with amazing finds. 

A highly recommended place to visit is Review Bookshop. You may have seen vintage and rare bookshops in the past, but none will be quite like this - it boasts a selection of hard to find books and magazines that will keep bookworms busy for hours on end. 

Other highlights of Bellenden Road mostly comprise food highlights that you really won't be able to find elsewhere. Ganapati's delivers some fantastic home cooked Indian food - and it's not the sort of thing you'd expect to find in any old Indian restaurant, while Melange will serve you a hot chocolate to die for. 

Chamberlayne Road

Situated in one of London's more up market areas, Chamberlayne Road is home in Kensal Green, where the likes of James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, are rumoured to live. Despite its high-end style, though, the street itself is relatively unknown to shoppers. 

Again, it's all about vintage here in Kensal Green, and Circus Antiques and Niche are absolute heaven for anyone looking to furnish a new flat with unique pieces and wonderfully upholstered furniture that no one else has. 

Scarlet and Violet is probably Chamberlayne Road's most famous store, though. The high-end florist is known to have provide bouquets to the stars, and it's definitely worth a look for anyone visiting the area. 

These are just a few of the coolest and best hidden gems in the world of London shopping, but what are your top tips for finding something amazing away from the crowds? 

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