Dog etiquette when out and about in London

Dog etiquette when out and about in London
Posted by Javier Lauret

Many of the responsibilities of being a dog owner are the same wherever you are: keeping your dog under control, poop scooping and so on, but in London, there are a few extra points to bear in mind.

For example, London is not just any city; it’s a very big and crowded one. While we’re lucky in having lots of open spaces, there are also many, many people to share them with, and many dogs too. If you’ve moved here from abroad, you can find that dog owners, like everyone else can be a little stand-offish at first. But as long as your dog is well-behaved, a little friendly sniffing will soon break the ice.

When you’re out in the park, always be aware of how secure the area is if you’re letting your dog off the leash. All parks are likely to have at least a few dogs to run around with, and many will have squirrels or other wildlife your dog may be tempted to chase. Fortunately, most parks are securely fenced, minimising the opportunities for running out onto the road.

Only in Richmond Park is your dog likely to meet something four-legged of its own size or bigger that’s not behind a fence. If you’re one of the 17 people in the world who’ve not yet seen it, or have but can’t resist another look, here’s the classic ‘Fenton’ video  where an out-of-control dog starts a mini stampede. There’s official merchandise and even a book about it now, would you believe – “Jes—Chr---!’ indeed. 

In London, some pubs, cafes and restaurants are dog-friendly, others aren’t. (For some good starting points, see our posts on dog-friendly Soho and dog lovers’ Covent Garden). But unlike say Paris, it’s definitely frowned upon to keep feeding your pooch titbits from your plate. In parts of Italy, a new law is set to allow dogs into art galleries, theatres and cinemas – not something that’s likely to happen here in London.

But overall, relax. This city is a pretty dog-friendly place, and becoming more so. There are now more dogs than cats in London. And if you really want to make yourself at home, just head for the London Borough which has more dogs per head of population than any other. Strange but true – it’s Barking. Woof!


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