Dishoom in King's Cross - Bombay in the heart of London

Dishoom in King's Cross - Bombay in the heart of London

Once upon a time, Bombay was filled with no frills cafes, serving everyone from the rich to the poor. They were more than just places to eat; they stood as little social clubs, meeting places, sanctuaries where young lovers could fall in love - they were the heart and soul of the city. Originally set up by immigrants from Iran in the early 60s, these cafes have all but ceased to exist in India and Mumbai - as Bombay is now known.

However, all is not lost. You can still experience what these Irani cafes had to offer right here in London at Dishoom.

The restaurant’s interior has been painstakingly designed to match a traditional 20th century Bombay cafe from its well-worn floor tiles to the bare roof and hanging factory lights. In fact, the space was styled on the types of warehouse cafes that used to be on every corner behind India’s Victoria Station in modern day Mumbai.

Although a little too polished to capture the true grit and charm of the original cafes, the restaurant does a good job and, on a busy day, it buzzes and hums along beautifully.

The food

Dishoom offers quality Indian food with a contemporary twist. Enjoy a Bacon Naan roll for breakfast, a salad plate for lunch or a delicious curry, infused with all the traditions and flavours of India.

Top picks include the Black House Daal special, a rich dish simmered for over a day; Roomali Rotis, kaachi lamb, Dishoom calamari and the prawn koliwada.

Perhaps the most unique part about Dishoom is the fact that a good selection of the produce is locally and responsibly sourced right here in the UK. Dishoom is very big on quality and it makes no secret of the fact that it hand picks its suppliers and strive to sustain a healthy relationship with them.

The drink

As well as tremendous quantities of chai tea, Dishoom has a great selection of alcoholic beverages to keep you going. There’s a creative list of cocktails, Indian beer and even a house IPA in the bottle. For those who want something softer, there’s also a great list of lassi inspired drinks to quench your thirst. The cafe has earned accolades from Time Out, the Michelin Guide and the Good Food Guide all while maintaining its traditional appeal and authentic Bombay feel.

Getting there

The restaurant is located just behind King’s Cross and St Pancras, making it easy to reach from all over the capital. King’s Cross station is served by almost all the major tube lines and the restaurant is easily walkable from here.

Dishoom is open from 8am until 11pm, making it ideal for all different events and occasions.

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