Beyonce and Jay Z could be your new neighbours

Beyonce and Jay Z could be your new neighbours
Posted by James Hood

It's true - the hottest female popstar on the planet and her hip hop hubby have bought a pad in London.

The news was reported in the Independent and other papers in the city, after the power couple handed over a cool £5 million for a place in Mayfair. So basically then it's quite unlikely you'll be neighbours, sorry to get your hopes up with our headline.

But it does mean you might bump into Queen B in Top Shop, where she recently went on a spending spree, or bump shoulders with Jay Z and his missus at The Arts Club where they spent a couple of evenings recently (wonder who was babysitting.)

Of course, it is an awesome city so it was only a matter of time before the mega-bucks Bey put down some roots here. And we kind of suspected that 'Queen B' as her fans call her, liked spending time here after she booked about a billion nights at the O2 earlier this year. (OK, it was more like 6 but that's still quite a lot).

Apparently the move will coincide with the start of another tour for them this summer, at which they will perform together. Phones at the ready, that's going to be one of the hottest tickets in town.

Finally, Bey and Jay, if you need a cup of sugar (or fancy a Sing Star challenge) just give us a 'holler!' 

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