What’s the deal with this Chiltern Firehouse everyone’s talking about?

What’s the deal with this Chiltern Firehouse everyone’s talking about?
Posted by James Hood

It seems like every single person on the planet (apart from us) has been having dinner dates at the Chiltern Firehouse – London’s hottest new hangout. So what’s so special about it?

Chiltern Firehouse is the new Marylebone restaurant inside a hotel by the same name. It’s been opened by Andre Balazs – a hotelier who also owns the Chateau Marmont (LA) and the Standard hotels in Miami and New York. So basically, it’s super posh and hard to get into.

That hasn’t stopped every celeb under the sun (including the TOWIE gang) getting a table and having a munch on their blackened salmon with sea kale. Seriously famous stars who’ve paid a visit include Tom Cruise, David Beckham, David Cameron, Bradley Cooper, Katy Perry, Rita Ora… the list is actually endless.

The restaurant is gorgeous inside. It’s been transformed by Balazs and Co in the trademark swanky style and is now less of a firehouse, more fabulous brasserie. No fireman’s pole (or actual fireman) in sight. Sorry.

It’s got high ceilings, contemporary oversized lighbulby things hanging above the tables, large mirrors and a busy open kitchen. Prices aren’t too bad. A three course meal will probably set you back about £40 to £50. So it might not be a night at Nandos but it's certainly not astronomical either.

Word has it there’s a pretty strict vetting process at the door that involves looking at you to see if you’re a) famous and b) have nice enough shoes to be allowed to sit down. None of that however puts us off asking for a reservation. It sounds utterly awesome.

As Tom Parker-Bowles wrote for the Daily Mail - “The place is hotter than the surface of the Sun. I reckon even God would have to wait for a table.” 


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