Home and away: how Outlet solved a loyal customer’s property problems – twice!

Home and away: how Outlet solved a loyal customer’s property problems – twice!
Posted by James Hood

Here at Outlet, we believe our job is about more than just finding, selling or managing properties. We feel we’re also here to guide people through the process, put them at ease when things are stressful, and be a fountain of knowledge for customers who need advice. One of those loyal customers is Mark Barrett, who found himself in need of expert, reliable and friendly property services – on more than one occasion.

Mark (pictured) is celebrating his one-year anniversary in his Stockwell home, which our Sales Manager Javier helped him find, but it wasn’t the first time he’d chosen Outlet. Back in 2011, after getting a work transfer to Nigeria through his company, Mark needed to sell his three-bedroom townhouse in Camberwell. When other agents couldn’t get the job done, he called us.

Speaking about the sale, he said: “I wasn’t having much luck selling the property through another agent and time was of the essence because by this point I was out in Nigeria and not easily contactable. Javier, who I would call at all hours, suggested using the house as a short-term let and filled it almost immediately, which at least meant it wasn’t just sitting there empty while I was away and trying to sell. I didn’t even know that was an option but I completely trusted Javier and it worked out well.”

Although our short lets service provided a useful interim option for Mark, what he really wanted was a sale. Javier worked tirelessly to get the property sold and when a buyer put in an offer, he helped Mark co-ordinate the sale from his new base in Lagos. “Javier was amazing. He really earned his sales fee! At one point he even accompanied the buyer to the bank. It was very re-assuring to know the sale was in good hands when I couldn’t be in the country. At no point did I ever feel uncomfortable knowing Outlet was on the case”, Mark added.

Fast forward a few years to 2014 and Mark was moving back. Naturally, he wanted a home he could call his own in London, so who did he turn to? Outlet of course! He called Javier who offered to give Mark a first-look at a Stockwell property that had just come on the books. Mark told us: “I was working really long hours and was so busy, so Javier agreed to show me the property at 8pm, which I appreciated. The home was perfect for me – a one-bedroom flat on the ground floor with a front and back garden – so I put in an offer and it was accepted.”

After a year, Mark is now fully settled at his Stockwell home – in an area where he says he is very happy. But what was it in particular that made him put his trust in Outlet not once but twice? “It was seeing Javier’s dedication that made the difference. I think it’s the friendly service combined with knowledge and expert advice that is a real advantage for Outlet. Every time I called or asked a question they had an answer. I never felt like I was being fobbed off, there was never any waffle. Just solid, helpful advice, which is so important when you’re dealing with people’s lives as well as their properties.”


Whether, like Mark, you want to buy, sell , let or find a short let in London, Outlet's combination of customer care and industry knowledge will get the job done.

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