Five places to source dog walkers

Five places to source dog walkers
Posted by James Hood

If you own a dog in London and you’re not lucky enough to work from home or have a stay-at-home spouse or partner, chances are you’re going to need a dog walker.   But where do you look?

1. The most obvious place is obviously your local park or other open space. The advantage of this is that you can watch him or her and see how they interact with and look after the dogs in their care. But if they’re walking several dogs and they’re any good, remember that they have their hands full, so don’t hang around asking them a lot of questions – ask if you can contact them later.

2. Ask friends and neighbours for recommendations. Simple, easy and could save a lot of time and heartache.

3. Another good place to look is at your local vet. In fact there may well be ads in their waiting room from dog walkers.

4. Go online. Google ‘dog walkers London’ or better still ‘dog walker Islington’ or wherever it is you live and you’re likely to find some names and sites.

5. There are other larger websites which can also help. A good starting point is , but better still for Londoners is

But don’t just choose the first name you come across. Between them, the above should give you enough names to drop up a shortlist. It’s vital that you pick a walker who’s right for you and your dog, and who you can trust. Look out for our next post, which will help you to do just that.

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