Bringing Granier bakeries to the UK

Bringing Granier bakeries to the UK
Posted by Javier Lauret

Outlet has had more commercial property success by securing the first UK premises for Granier bakeries, the leading Spanish bakery chain. The company now plans to expand internationally in the U.S., Italy and Portugal.

The London premises, which Outlet helped them find, are located on Turnpike Lane in North London, in a very busy pedestrian location. The busy area and neighbouring Tube station will provide great exposure to Granier for their bakery and café concept shop. It was an instant success when it first opened its doors.

One of the keys to success of this brand is the fantastic price point of its products -  three croissants for £1.70! Combined with a wide range of products including 64 different varieties of bread displayed in an eye-catching counter which attracts consumers to the store. They also incorporate new products continuously to keep the concept interesting and their customers happy.

It was a challenge for Outlet to secure a location with high pedestrian footfall, coupled with a wide front window space that would allow the product display to be seen in the distance.

Now we are working hard to secure more London locations for this brand that we are sure will be a hit on a high street near you soon.


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