6 tips for a safer home while you’re on holiday

6 tips for a safer home while you’re on holiday
Posted by Josh Rafter

Going on holiday is about having fun and there’s no point in fretting about what’s going on back home while you’re away. However, taking proper precautions before you pack up and leave could avoid any nasty surprises when you return. Here’s our advice for doing what you can to deter any pesky thieves or avoid any mishaps while you are enjoying such much needed R&R.


Before you go, unplug everything. It might sound obsessive but if it means you don’t worry while you’re away, it’s well worth it. Electrical fires do happen – just a short sharp power surge could cause a spark and cause your TV, toaster or any other electrical device to go up in flames, taking your prized possessions with it.

To open or not to open? That is the question
Curtains – knowing whether it’s safer to leave them all closed or open is a tricky one. In some cases it can prevent burglars checking out what valuables you have, but it can also stop neighbours or the police from seeing anyone who may be inside. The best way to deter possible thieves is to leave your home the way it is normally.


Be careful on social media
Incidents of people targeting empty homes after the owners have posted beach snaps on Facebook and Twitter have soared in recent years. If you do want to show off your bikini selfies while away, try and make sure your account is secure and only friends can see what you post. Failing that, wait until your home to upload the slideshow.


Enlist the help of a friend
Call on friends and neighbours when you’re away for a long period. They would probably be willing to go in your home, collect the post or turn a few lights on for you every now and again. You could also consider paying someone to house sit for you – or even make money from short lets, which Outlet can help you with.


Burglar-proofing gadgets
There are some handy products on the market that allow you to keep an eye on your home while you’re not there. The Canary camera and alarm allows you to view your home via your smartphone, and it will let off a siren if someone breaks in.


Check your insurance
Basic home insurance is a must – but you should also double check that particular possessions are covered if the worst happens. You might have treasured jewellery or a nice painting that aren’t covered. So call the insurance company and inform them of any extra cover you require. They can also add to the policy to make sure you are covered for loss or theft from your hotel room or on the street while abroad.


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