Staff picks: Our favourite London restaurants

Staff picks: Our favourite London restaurants
Posted by Josh Rafter

To celebrate London Restaurant Week - and just because we loving eating gorgeous food - we thought we'd ask our team their favourite restuarants in the city. Here's what some of them said:

Ralph Jacobowitz
Property Administrator 

Mele e Pere, Brewer Street (pictured)

What's great about it?
"Upstairs Mele e Pere is a vermouth bar with a huge selection of vermouths – like nothing I’ve discovered in London. Red vermouth is my favourite cocktail tipple. If I had the time and money, I’d have a drink (or several) after work there every working evening. Downstairs it’s a trattoria. Even with its Italian name (Apples & Pears), I think of it as a Spanish restaurant. When I visit a Madrid friend, we go out for drinks and food before siesta or hitting the clubs. Lots of places in Madrid serve red vermouth on tap! It’s an old tradition. Mele e Pere also holds monthly vermouth tastings/classes that I have yet to attend. I also just discovered that they have a ‘L’ora del vermouth’ happy hour every weekday from 5 - 7pm when all vermouth is two for the price of one. I need to get my working hours changed!"

David Bray 
Head of New Business London

Salvador and Amanda, Covent Garden

What's great about it?
"I love tapas anyway and this place is on the taste card during the week.. It’s a busy, vibrant place and great for getting you in the mood for bars and clubs after we have eaten... just so long as we didn’t pig out too much that is!"


Fernando Mediavilla
Property Co-ordinator

Petare, city-wide

"Venezuelan street food which you'll find at Hawker House in Canada Water, although Petare does have a few locations. You have to try the Yuca Frita – Crispy fried cassava sticks topped with feta cheese & hot avocado!"


James Hood
Communications Manager

The Wet Fish Cafe, West Hampstead

"This place is not much bigger than my lounge at home, but that makes it all the more charming. The food is fantastic (one of the best fillet steaks you'll find in London), the wine list is terrific and it's largely candle-lit, making it perfect for a relaxing, lovely evening. There are music nights on the ocassional wednesday, plus it's open for breakfast and brunch every day too." 


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