5 independent and friendly pet shops in London

5 independent and friendly pet shops in London
Posted by Josh Rafter

If you have a pet in London, they obviously need to be groomed, preened, fed and looked after in a manner that is befitting of one of the best cities in the world. These are city pets after all – not just any old muddy, country pooches and pussies.

Taking care of them requires high end pet food, a bed that wouldn’t look out of place at The Savoy, the occasional claw clipping and of course a collar in their favourite colour (so they don’t look out of place on Hampstead Heath). But where do you turn for help? One of the following very lovely and independent pet parlours and shops in equally delightful London boroughs is a good start.

Bow Wow London
50A Earlham Street, Covent Garden
Aptly nestled among the exclusive boutiques and independent shops of London’s Covent Garden, BOW WOW London sets a new standard for the dapper city pooch. The store offers a fab collection of some of the finest designer doggy products handpicked from around the world, from the very best Pet Shop suppliers. Aside from the glamour and style, BOW WOW London’s primary commitment is to your dog’s health and happiness, which means they stock quality, natural, wholesome, ethical and healthy food products, including Natural Instinct’s range of raw food and Lily’s Kitchen. For the full range of products, take a dog walk and go visit!

Animal Crackers
94 Fleet Road, Hampstead
This cute little pet shop has been running for 40 years! So it’s a bit of a popular spot for the labs and dalmations of North London. You’ll find everything you could need for your pup, cat, budgie or bunny. For dogs and cats in particular you can expect a choice of beds, scratching posts, bowls, toys, collars, leads, and shampoos. Not forgetting yummy foodie treats.

Mr Pink
333 West End Lane, West Hampstead
Pop to Mr Pink in West Hampstead for a wide range of animal must-haves as well as grooming. They offer doggie treats, all kinds of bird seeds and nuts and accessories, including cages, toys, pet carriers, grooming products and pet beds. Pet pampering starts from £30 and you can choose from bathing and drying, nail clipping and spraying, hair styling for all breeds and they also offer free local pickup and delivery.

Purple Bone
Westfield in Stratford, Notting Hill Gate and Kings Road Chelsea
There’s nothing you won’t find for your pet pooch at Purple Bone. Whether it’s grooming, games or the best in food and nutrition, you’ll find it all in one of their three pet shops in London.

Primrose Hill Pets
132 Regents Park Road
According to Sara Berman, a writer for You, the Mail on Sunday magazine, Primrose Hill Pets has “got everything you could possibly need for spoilt dogs". The shop also has a quality grooming parlour for pampering as well as boasting a best selling range of organic dog and cat food called Lily’s Kitchen.

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