Save Soho - everything you need to know

Save Soho - everything you need to know
Posted by Ralph Jacobowitz

Stephen Fry is just one of the well-known faces behind a campaign to ‘Save Soho!’ launched recently. But have you wondered what’s it really all about and if there is anything you can do? Here’s the lowdown.

Save Soho was set up by a group of performers, residents and politicians who share the belief that the performing arts in Soho need to be supported. The area of London has a long history of being home to and nurturing some of the world’s greatest talent from music, stage and screen.

The group was set up following the closure and repossession of world renowned club, Madame JoJo’s. Now, other venues such as the Curzon cinema, and Spirit of Soho are also at risk. Its members saw it as a worrying sign that more closures were to come, meaning the potential collapse of Soho’s colourful, retro, inclusive and theatrical reputation.

According to the official website, Save Soho‘s aim is to ‘protect and nurture iconic music and performing arts venues in Soho that are disappearing at a terrifying rate.  These closures are an attack on Soho’s vibrant creative history and enduring character. With the support of the mayor of London, Save Soho is reaching out to the landowners, so that we can offer them the rich experience of all our supporters in the entertainment industry to advise on future plans.  Together, we can safeguard the future of the performing arts in Soho.’

Actor, author and Chairman of Save Soho, Stephen Fry, added: “Save Soho is not about shrieking at landowners or trying to shame them or anything of that nature.  Save Soho is really hoping to be given a small consultation part in their plans.”

Want to help?

The team behind Save Soho has a website where you can sign a petition to re-open or save some of the venues affected by re-development in Soho.

The group is asking members of the public to support their campaign on social media – Tweeting celebrities they follow with the following: ‘Give ur voice 2 Soho. It's not 2 L8’

Musician or theatrical superstar?
Performers are being encouraged to ‘sing for Soho’, in an initiative supported by the Mayor of London, who even tried to have a go himself. Watch Boris Johnson singing here.

For more information go to the Save Soho website, here. And follow the group on Twitter using @WeAreSaveSoho


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