How to keep your dog calm on firework night

How to keep your dog calm on firework night
Posted by Russell Wells

Finding a home to rent in London with dogs can seem like an uphill struggle. Then once you do eventually find somewhere there are all sorts of things to consider about life with pets in the big city. Bonfire Night can be particularly tricky, with the noises of loud fireworks coming from every major park as well as the crowds of passers by on their way to “ooh” and “aaaah” over the lovely display in the sky. If you’re worried about your pooch or they are particularly nervous when it comes to strange or loud noises, the following advice should help.

Daylight walking
Fireworks only work at nighttime - which gives you a pretty big window of opportunity to take your dog out during the daytime to get their regular exercise. Try and take them out just before sunset, so they can do 'their business' and then head back inside to the warm and cosy safety of your flat in London. Another perk of taking them out for a nice long walk before the firework festivities is that they will be more tired come evening-time. If they can sleep through the noise then they’ll be safely in the world of slumber and none the wiser when it comes to the squeal of a Catherine Wheel.

Muffle the mayhem
Curtains, blinds and even blankets or towels can be effective at blocking the noise of fireworks from your home. If things get really bad for your dog and they are particularly sensitive, place whatever you can across the window to drown out the noise. Although their hearing is advanced and way better than ours as humans, they are less likely to get distressed if the noise is muffled.

Create a sound diversion
Love a bit of Strictly or X Factor? Why not put it on a little louder than usual to create a sound diversion for your pup? The more they can hear inside, whether it’s the TV, radio or Ipad, the less likely they’ll be to get concerned about what’s going on outside.

A safe space
Turn the negative into a positive by giving your doggy a new safe and comfortable place to snooze or play. This could be anything from building a big cardboard box full of their favourite things to allowing them on the sofa for one night only. They’ll love the attention and may even forget all about the rockets shooting up into the night sky outside the house.

Treat chest
Of course, there is nothing more fun for a dog than their favourite chew toy or a tasty boney treat. Buy them something new that will distract them when the fireworks kick off. And hopefully it’ll be enough to stop them stressing even if it’s just for a short while.


Remember, dogs respond when you respond. So make sure you don’t pander to them too much if they bark or behave badly because of firework noise. Instead try and reward their behaviour when they do something right, such as sitting peacefully by your feet.

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