4 little ways you can be kinder to the environment when you head to work

4 little ways you can be kinder to the environment when you head to work
Posted by Russell Wells

Mornings can be frantic as we try and get ready, head out the door on time and prepare for a busy day ahead. But there are still ways we can all be mindful of the environment around us and make the journey in to work more pleasant for the planet and ourselves

1. Plastic not-so-fantastic
It’s a tragic thought but more than eight million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into oceans around the world each year. Although it’s going to take a major shift in policies and people’s attitudes to turn that around, there are plenty of ways you can help to reduce your own personal impact on the planet. If you take a bottle of water out of the house with you when you leave, consider investing in a permanent plastic or glass bottles. The ‘eddy’ made by Camelbak for example comes in a range of different colours and convenient non-spill lids. So you can refill to your heart’s content and minimise the plastic you use or chuck in the trash.  

2. Coffee cup mix-it-up
Although we can’t verify this outrageously large number, there are an estimated 400 billion (yes, billion) coffees consumed in the UK alone each year. And it’s fair to say a huge proportion of those will be carboard coffee cups, which could end up landfill or on the streets. But did you know many of the coffee shops we visit when we head out or go to work actually offer refill deals? By purchasing a ceramic or permanent plastic refillable cup, you could save tonnes of cash over the course of a year – and reduce the amount of waste you generate. Better still, why not actually take some time out to relax and think about the day ahead by sitting in a coffee shop rather than taking away. You can even catch up with colleagues or friends. By using ‘eat-in’ mugs, you’ll also help to reduce the waste produced by disposable cups.

3. The wonder of walking
As you start your day, don’t underestimate how beneficial a walk can be instead of taking public transport or the car. Not everyone can walk part of their journey to work, but if possible try and get off one or two stops before the office or wherever you work. Instead of sitting or standing in a cramped train, tube or bus, get out in the fresh air and be mindful of all the amazing wonders around you. It’s also a great way to mentally prepare for your day and focus your energy. Although it would take a massive movement of people to reduce the amount of emissions we produce during rush hour, at least you know you could be contributing to helping the planet.

4. From zip lock to lunch box
Whether you make your lunch at home or go to the nearest shop for a sandwich on your break, packaging is a problem. If you’re a ‘bring your own’ kind of person, consider re-usable boxes or tupperware, which you can just clean at the end of the day. For those of you buying lunch, it’s difficult to avoid lots of packaging that comes with your salad or sandwich. So the best way to make a difference is ensure any cartons, cans or boxes are all disposed of carefully.

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